Break Away Corporate Adventures


Forest Orienteering

Long before we were organizers of corporate events, we were avid participants in the century old sport of Orienteering. While extremely popular in the Scandinavian countries, Orienteering is largely an unfamiliar activity here, and as a result can be adapted into a perfect team building exercise where everyone can contribute.

We use exquisitely detailed 5-colour maps produced by expert Orienteering map makers. We then employ time-tested principals of skill-appropriate course design to create an exhilarating outdoor experience that will be talked about for weeks to come. There is no feeling like the first time your team ventures off-trail into the woods, navigates to the feature shown on the map, and lo and behold, there is the orange and white flag exactly where you expected it to be!

Participants will be amazed at their new found skills and be quite satisfied with their increased confidence in wilderness terrain. They will better appreciate the fresh air experiences available so close to where they work and live … and who knows, it may be the start of healthier lifestyle choices!

For a sample forest orienteering course map, see here.