Break Away Corporate Adventures


Custom Programs

All of Break Away’s activities are tailored to your needs. Before providing a program and a quote, our experienced staff will discuss with you what you want, where you want to do it, the physical capabilities of your staff, etc.

If you have specific desires not met by one of our existing programs or simply want a unique experience, we can develop one for you. Some examples of custom programs that we have developed are:

  1. Conference Icebreaker — a chance for attendees to meet and get to know each other and to learn about the town and facilities nearby.
  2. Meeting Energizer — a short duration event after some intense meetings so that the attendees can stretch their legs and employ different thinking modes, while enjoying the company of their peers.
  3. Alternate Activity to Golf — not everyone likes to golf. Make everybody happy by offering Forest Orienteering as well. Many of our maps are close to some excellent golf courses.
  4. New Employee Orientation — an opportunity for the company to show new employees that they are willing to invest in their development, but also to let them know that this is a fun place to work.

Many of our scenarios can also be adapted for themed entertainment events such as fundraisers; birthday parties; family reunions, stag(ette) parties, etc. Don’t hesitate to call us for a free consultation!