Break Away Corporate Adventures



What is a BaffleMap? Think of a puzzle that you can’t do sitting down …a synthesis of a map navigation exercise and a mind bender. Teams must navigate to locations marked on the map, then gather the raw data from each site to be entered into the puzzle. BaffleMaps are intuitive and solving them are very rewarding. Ultimately, each team will solve the puzzle to discover where to go for their next challenge.

Check out a sample BaffleMap here:  Front Page/ Back Page.

Upon solving the BaffleMap challenge, teams will be presented with a Park Orienteering challenge. This pushes them to take their navigating skills to another level as they use a real orienteering map to move through an urban park setting while hunting for various point valued orienteering flags in the terrain. Each team must also simultaneously manage the clock to ensure that they come back to the finish line on time and thus avoid losing some of their hard earned points.

A sample Park Orienteering map is shown here.

As a bonus activity, at different points in the course, teams will also be presented with one or more mystery challenges …basically, diversions that cause them to temporarily change their mode of thinking in order to complete the short task so that they can continue on with their primary objective.