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Melbourne City Chase Wrap Up

It was a little weird being in Australia, on the other side of the country from Perth, and doing this whole City Chase thing again. I kind of just wanted to win, and maybe that’s why I didn’t. (more…)

Story from the City Chase World Championships

I’ve been procrastinating writing a race report about Morocco for fear of somehow loosing the mystic of my experience by turning it into words on a page. I’ve thought of ways to convey the story: photos, waiting for the TV show, or perhaps a play-by-play account? However, none of them would give justice to what happened over those five incredible days in central Morocco. None of them would capture the smells of the ancient city, the chaos of the overcrowded souks, the heat of the desert, the camaraderie between teams, the relationships formed with the cameramen and race organizers, the connection to the culture, the confusion and frustration of the race and the joy and exhilaration of the wild once-in-a-lifetime experiences. But, if only for my own chance to relive some of the moments … I will try. (more…)