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Introducing The Break Away Blog!

We’ve decided to include a blog on the new Break Away website for several really good reasons:

  1. To have a place where the staff and close friends of Break Away can share some of their own personal adventures …even if they might at times seem to be a little “extreme” on the physical side of things!
  2. To provide a forum for staff to express their current thoughts about team building adventures; and for clients to ask questions and to provide feedback about their experiences with us.
  3. To have an efficient way to add dynamic content to the site, so that it never gets old, and it draws more readers who will visit often!

Since this is a commercial site, reader comments will be moderated to make sure they won’t likely cause offense. In most cases, if we ever decide to reject a comment, we will send a private email to the author just to let them know our reasoning. On the other hand, if we love your comment, it may appear in one of the quote boxes on the other pages of the site!