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As organizers of the 7th rendition of the Urban Orienteering Event at the annual Calgary Corporate Challenge, we are still having a blast coming up with mind provoking puzzles and challenging navigation exercises for the 130+ teams of 4. (more…)

This is why we like organizing!

The Calgary Grizzlies ChasePoint at Talisman Centre ©City Chase Inc.

The Calgary Grizzlies ChasePoint at Talisman Centre ©City Chase Inc.

We got some excellent feedback from the June 6 Mitsubishi City Chase event held last Saturday in Calgary. In fact, participant surveys filled out post-race gave us an impressive 9.65 out of 10!

Here is one letter that was sent to Right To Play, the charity we were supporting, toward which Calgary City Chasers raised almost $40,000. Dave Nash, Director of City Chase North America, is pretty certain that no other city in Canada will be able to match the generousity of Calgarians for a single event this year.

Confessions of an Urban Hunter: The Mitsubishi City Chase


Happy Finishers at 2008 Calgary City Chase ©City Chase Inc

Escaping the mega-city — that was my purpose when I moved west to Calgary in 1997. That and getting close to the mountains. I arrived with an allergy to downtown, usually only venturing there to see the judge about my nagging Ontario leadfoot problems. I was a wilderness snob, and the city was a necessary evil to pay for my lifestyle.

Somewhere along the way, I lost this snobbery, and became a city booster! I began to appreciate the architecture, the culture, and yes even the infrastructure. Right here in our city was a plenitude of recreational and nature enjoyment opportunities. Then, in 2004, I stumbled upon the City Chase, an event some would say has defined me for the past five years …so much so that last season’s televised episode dubbed me “The Godfather of City Chase.” (more…)