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Bill’s Steps for Hunkering Down for Winter

Watch the Emmys – it’s a great way to find out which TV shows from last year weren’t total duds so I can watch them on NetFlix.

Turn on the furnace – ahhhh …there’s nothing like the smell of 6 months accumulation of roasted dead skin and dust wafting out of the vents.

Put a boom box up in the attack – now’s the time to encourage the squirrels to winter in my neighbour’s rafters instead of mine this year.

This blog post was a 10 minute assignment from this social media comedy course. If you can’t wait until the Spring when the @ZEDSwit’s hold the course again, the lessons are here.

2011 Urban Orienteering at the Calgary Corporate Challenge

Saturday, Sept 24 Eau Claire

Thank you to all the participants and volunteers who helped make this a great day! The final results are posted here.

UrbOLite – CCC Practice at Olympic Plaza

Imparting of Instructions at Olympic Plaza.

Imparting of Instructions at Olympic Plaza.

On September 8, Break Away and the Foothills Wanderers entertained over 100 participants in a practice session for the upcoming Urban Orienteering Event which is part of the Calgary Corporate Challenge.

Searching Brick by Brick.

Searching Brick by Brick.

Although most teams did really well solving both the diversion and the puzzle, we have provided some additional insights in JP’s solution guide here.

The final results are posted here. Thank you for coming and good luck on September 24!

Lots & Lots of Tributes on Bricks!

Lots & Lots of Tributes on Bricks!

Special thanks to our great volunteers – Mardy, Andrée, Nicole, Jeff and Meghan!