Break Away Corporate Adventures

Our Story


Bill Jarvis


Bill has been providing corporate team building activities in Southern Alberta since 1998. For the past 6 years, he has also been the key organizer of the largest annual orienteering event in North America, where over 600 participants race around the streets and parks of Calgary at the Urban Orienteering event of the Calgary Corporate Challenge. He has been an active member of the local and provincial orienteering community, since discovering that sport 2 decades ago, and is a 4-time Canadian Champion in his age category. Bill’s proudest competitive moment came in 2004 when he and partner Tory Meyer were crowned the first ever City Chase National Champions in Victoria, BC, after outlasting over 1300 other teams from across Canada. After competing in 4 City Chase national finals, bill finally hung up his racing shoes and became the co-organizer of the Calgary event. This event was a huge success, drawing 449 teams (an increase of 40% from 2008) and garnering a 9.65/10 rating from participants.

In 2001, Bill happily said goodbye to his previous engineering/marketing career to focus his passion for the sport of Orienteering into a new career in Sports Administration and Corporate Team Building.

Education & Certifications:
Standard First Aid (Remote Responder)
Canadian Orienteering Federation Level 3 Official
NCCP Community Coaching Learning Facilitator: Orienteering
BASc (Waterloo), MBA (York – Schulich School)

Nicki Rehn


Nicki is a transplanted Aussie girl who has also lived in Cameroons, Ivory Coast, and France. Her past career positions have included mountain guide, missionary, elementary school teacher and vice principal. She is the current City Chase National Champion (St. John’s 2008 on CBC) and was runner-up at the City Chase World Finals in Marrakesh, Morocco (to be shown on Nat Geo TV Canada in September, 2009). She is an extreme athlete who competes in a multitude of adventure races, orienteering events, and Ironman triathlons throughout the year.

Nicki is thrilled to be able to join the Break Away team this Summer when she returns from an extended stay in her hometown of Perth. She also fully intends to defend her Canadian City Chase title, and thus take another shot at becoming the World Champion.

Education & Certifications:

Standard First Aid
BSc (Human Movement), GradDipEd, MEd (Perth)

JP Buysschaert


JP is a business consultant with many years experience delivering corporate training to clients in the insurance industry. He organizes major events in his spare time. In 2008, he was Event Director for the Western Canadian Orienteering Championships, Course Setter for the Calgary Sprint Orienteering Championships and a co-organizer of the Calgary Corporate Challenge Urban Orienteering event. He is also an unparalleled genius at running the command centre for Calgary based City Chase teams, sending his teams to the national finals for the past 3 straight seasons. In 2009, JP decided that it was time to actually see what it was like to run in this event, and after the dust had settled, he and his partner Jen came out on top! They will represent Calgary at the Mitsubishi City Chase North American Championships in Quebec City this September.

JP enjoys creating challenges for teams with intriguing mental puzzles that require full concentration of all team members to solve.

Education & Certifications:
Standard First Aid
Canadian Orienteering Federation Level 2 Official
NCCP Community Coach: Orienteering
BBA (Wilfrid Laurier)