Break Away Corporate Adventures

Our Story

Break Away Corporate Adventures are…

Affordable — Our events are impeccably thought out, tested and safe. Yet we can offer a significant price advantage over our competition because our activities require minimal staff to organize and no special facilities.

Intriguing — What first appears nearly impossible will eventually be conquered. Each activity and puzzle will require a variety of skills and focused team work to accomplish. Uncover hidden talents in your group and jolt your team’s problem solving confidence to a new level.

Exhilarating — Team success is rewarding and the shared experience gratifying. Debrief and enjoy battle stories over refreshments at the finish line venue.

We are accomplished veterans of urban and wilderness outdoor adventure …both as organizers and as racers. Our journeys have shown us how teams and individuals can have unforgettable experiences with lasting benefits. We have packaged together the best ideas out there to offer your group a unique program that is challenging yet achievable, meets your team building goals, and is well within your budget.